Current Server Rules

This is a updated list of server rules and offenses. They are meant to govern the RP level of the server and ensure everyone plays accordingly. West Coast Role Play is what we call a Role Play server and as such there are certain standards everyone must follow. These include having a Role Play name such as John_Smith and taking on the role of a character you’ve created. This can be anything from a gang member to FBI Agent to a simple vehicle mechanic. As such, you will get punished for doing things that are considered Non-RP as they are things you wouldn’t, or rather couldn’t, do in real life. This includes but not limited to, standing on a car in real life traveling 80 mph, punching random people on the street, saying “lol” and “wtf” or public urination.

  1. No Death Matching / Killing on Sight - Killing anyone with little to no RP is strictly forbidden and will result in jail times up to a ban if its consistent. Punishments: 1-2 Hours depending on level and situation. NO one will simply be fined/warned for DM, it is a straight up jail and fine depending on the players connect time.

  2. No Meta Gaming - The act of mixing OOC information with IC information or using abbreviations such as “lol” and “wtf” in the IC chat. This includes all radio chat and department chat. Punishments: Fines for light MG and jailing for heavy MG depending on the players connect time.

  3. No Power Gaming - There is no such thing as super man in real life and as such there is no Power Gaming, if you Role Play something unrealistic for example: /me picks up the car and throws it. Is Power Gaming, you can also break the rule by forcing other people into PG situations such as /do Does the car crush you? Punishments: Heavy fines and possible jail times for troll RP’s, depending on the players connect time.

  4. No ass pulling - This means you must RP taking out your weapon or else it will constitute of PG or aka. Ass Pulling. Use /gout [Weapon] if you don’t want to create your own line of RP. Doing a RP such as /me takes out his deagle/spas/m4/shotgun/mp5 and loads it. Will not be tolerated as its completely Non-RP. Punishments: Fine and jail time depending on players connect time.(edited)

  5. No Revenge Killing - If you die in a RP situation of any sorts you lose 30 minutes of your memory and cannot return to the scene of your death to Role Play or attack the person who killed you. Even if you RP’ly knew their name, if you get killed by them you wouldn’t know it was them due to the memory lose. Punishments: 30 minutes - 1 hour jail time depending on the players connect time.

  6. No Hacks of any kind - This rule goes to every single person on the server, both staff and player alike. If you are found using hacks, its a simple ban. Punishments: Ban.

  7. No Logging to avoid death/Role Play - If you are in a RP situation or someone is attempting to Role Play without and you simply ignore them without any RP or log to avoid an arrest or robbery, etc… Then you are logging to avoid. This is non-rp as no one can just “log out” in real life. Punishments: 2-4 hours jailing with fines, depending on the players connect time.

  8. Do not abuse /report, /requestchat or /n in any shape or form - If you are found abusing this such as to spam or insult other people you will simply be muted from that chat. Punishments: Chat mute and fines depending on the players connect time.

  9. Scamming - You are not allowed to scam anyone above 50k. Punishments: Fined double the amount scammed and prisoned.

  10. No Bunny Hopping - It is totally non-rp and no one does it. Punishments: Fines and eventual jail if continued.

  11. No cop baiting - Driving into police cruisers and saying **** you pig doesn’t happen in real life and is non-rp. You can RP’ly hate the cops but you must attempt at some role play with them. Not just car ram and shout obscenities. Punishments: Fines for Non-RP Behavior and eventual jail time.

  12. Share accounts at your own risk - You will not be banned for sharing your account with whoever it is you choice to do so like a sibling. However it will not be an excuse if they rule break or hack. Punishments: Most likely a ban as people always seam to screw around on other people’s accounts.

  13. Do not car surf - Simply put do not jump on top of cars or stand on one while its driving or even when its in park. It doesn’t happen and is non-rp. Punishments: A slap and fines will be issued, if continued a kick from the server.

  14. Do not server advertise in anyway - This includes websites of other servers, IP addresses or names such as WC-RP as a means to server advertise.
    Punishments: Ban.

  15. Speak English in all chats - You can speak another language in IC chat but it must be in English characters.
    Punishments: A kick from the server, eventual ban if continued on purpose.

  16. Non-RP Behavior - This can range from jumping over people in a conversation on a BMX, randomly pissing out in the middle of the road or advertising to sell illegal items such as drugs, weapons or obscene insults to other people as advertising companies or news paper publishers would not allow them. There is no reason these acts cannot be done, but they require proper role play reasons and actual role play to pull off without getting a punishment. Punishments: Ranges from simple fines to heavy jailing.

  17. Robbing/Scamming Green names - These are new players to the server who have under 50 playing hours. You are not allowed to rob or scam new players as they don’t have any knowledge of the server, excuses won’t make up for this. Punishments: Massive fines and heavy jailing. Eventual ban if done continuously.

  18. No OOC Harassment/Trolling/Insults - If you cant solve your problems in a matured and mannered way then don’t try to solve them at all. OOC insults, harassing any players or admins and general trolling will not be tolerated because its pointless and drives people away from the community. If anyone is found harassing someone, harsh prison times will follow as well with fines. You may also be player reported on the forums. Punishments: Heavy fines and eventual jailing. Can also consist of a kick to cool the player off and a ban if done continuously.

Safezones - border is ROAD around each area :

  • Unity
  • Pizza
  • Stack
  • Bank
  • LSPD
  • San News
  • FBI Anywhere theres an RP event

Bans and ajails are up to the admin that issued them. (Unless it’s a trial mod)